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Feb 16, 2013 12:40pm EST
the nixon library. next, douglas elmendorf testifying on the 23 budget and u.s. economy. -- on the 2013 budget and u.s. economy. from the house budget committee, this is two and a half hours. >> thank you again for coming and testifying. i want to thank you for your staff putting together the latest budget economic outlook. we understand you had a time crunch given the end of year episodes that occurred. i want to say that you didn't miss much of a deadline and to put out your baseline in a fairly quick form given the circumstances you had to contend in. i am sorry to say that the cbo says our economy will grow by only 1.4% this year. unemployment will hover around 8% this year. we will add another trillion dollars to our debt. that is the news we have received. further down the road things get worse. the cbo says will add 10 trillion dollars to our debt by the end of the budget window. it will weigh down our economy like an anger. by 2018, the economy will grow by two 0.2%. when people cannot find jobs, many stop looking altogether for work. this report is a warning of what is to
Feb 16, 2013 11:55am EST
announce that the state has reached an agreement with the u.s. department of justice and the plaintiffs which was approved by the court just last week. our budget includes $10 million for the department of intellectual and developmental disabilities to carry out the terms of the settlement agreement. you can clap. that's great. [applause] over the past two decades, this lawsuit has cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars. we are committed to care for tennessee's most vulnerable citizens, and will continue to do so earnestly. i am grateful for commissioner jim henry, the attorney general's office and the tenncare bureau for all of their efforts to accomplish this significant milestone in moving past this lawsuit. we are spending $48 million in corrections to compensate our local jails for housing more state prisoners. [applause] the department is working on a strategic plan to better predict and plan for our inmate population moving forward. these costs are another example of why our focus on education is crucial. the more educated our citizens are, the less problems we'll have wi
Feb 2, 2013 11:20am EST
have seen no less authority than the wall street journal say that anyone who thinks the u.s. has lost its manufacturing topps has not been to south carolina. "it" stateoming the :it when it comes to economic -- i would like to ask you to help me welcome these wonderful friends of south carolina. please stand and remain standing when i call your name and hold your applause until the end. representing 500 jobs in lexington county, richard. representing 126 jobs in georgetown and williamsburg county, vicki thornton. representing 124 jobs in union county -- the line representing 100 jobs -- representing 1000 jobs in lancaster county, mark. representing two hundred jobs in berkeley county, kim. representing 80 jobs in florence county, henry. representing 750 jobs in richmond county, reese. representing 190 jobs, bruce. representing 50 jobs, jim. representing honda of south carolina manufacturing, brian newman in celebration of the fact that they produced their two hundred million 80 v. -- their two hundred millionth atv. please join me in showing our support to these great friends, ol
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3